Elite Custom Supply has been providing our customers with high-end custom designed, quality crafted and expertly installed “carriage style” garage doors for over 10 years. Our Carriage Doors are custom designed and handcrafted to fit your specifications and you will find that our selection of materials for your custom garage and carriage doors to be unsurpassed by anyone. Whether you choose metal clad, solid wood or vintage, reclaimed wood over 100 years old, Elite Custom Supply takes great pride in the fact that our doors are made from only the finest materials available.

At Elite Custom Supply, our overhead and swing-out garage and carriage style doors are designed and built to reflect and accentuate the style of your home. Whether that style reflects the sleek and sophisticated beauty of contemporary designs or the classic, authentic old world charm of another era, our designers and craftsmen will work to produce for you the style that suits you and your home. We also encourage our customers to partake of our Gallery Portfolio to show that our works reflect our philosophy.

Our philosophy at Elite Custom Supply is to ensure that each design is the perfect fit to enhance the beauty and value of your home.